Central Station

The entrance to the Sydney Central Railway Station on Elizabeth St has recently been upgraded to increase security and well-being of commuters. The North Concourse entrance now includes the AUS 80 GS LED BEAM IP55. 

Austube worked closely with Jacobs - a leading consulting practice in Sydney - and Sydney Trains to meet the rigorous brief of functionality and performance while maintaining a linear system suited to the arduous environment. The AUS 80 GS LED BEAM IP55 provided the solution. 

This system features an Ingress Protection rating of IP55 ensuring the elements do not affect the product supplied. The linear lighting has been installed in such a way as to minimise any obtrusive effects the lighting may have on the area by blending in with the ceiling and entry/exit portal.

The resulting design and layout delivers commuters with a pleasant entrance and exit to the Sydney Central Railway Station North Concourse. Both Austube partners Jacobs and Sydney Trains were delighted with the installation.